Tickets for Tourists


Single Trip Ticket (adults):
€ 1,80 in the Vienna Transport Authority´s ticket offices, ticket machines (underground)
€ 2,20 in the means of transport

Children up to 6 years dont pay, children from 6 to 15 years pay half price.
On saturdays, sundays and school holidays children up to 15 years don't pay.

24hour Ticket:
€ 5,70 in the Vienna Transport Authority´s ticket offices, tabacconists, ticket machines

72hour Ticket:
€ 13,60 in the Vienna Transport Authority´s ticket offices, tabacconists, ticket machines

The Vienna card for 72 hours:
€ 18,50 in the Vienna Transport Authority´s ticket offices and hotels.
Includes 1 adult and 1 child. Includes discount in museums.

The 8-day Climate Ticket:
€ 28,80 in the Vienna Transport Authority´s ticket offices, tabacconists, ticket machines

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Wiener Linien - Public Transport of Vienna - official site


Here You can see a plan of the Underground of Vienna and .... 



the Lokal Trains which bring You to the rural environment of Vienna.





Public Transport: Die Wiener Verkehrsbetriebe

The public transportation network allows its passengers to be able to reach every location within Vienna in just a short period of time. Especially around the town center, one will only take about 15 minutes to get to every important place of interest. The subway system is divided into 5 lines (U1, U2, U3, U4, U6), whereas all of them come across the city center at the Karlsplatz, Schwedenplatz or Landstraße, except the U6. Even if you want to get out of town, the subway will probably be the answer.

In addition to the subway system, the public transportation network also offers a lot of different tram lines and bus routes, which arrive at every station at a 3-7 Minute interval. Probably the most important lines for tourists are the U2, U3, U4 and the tram lines 1 and 2, because they will take you to all the important sights in the town center. At 11 am, almost the whole 1st district becomes a pedestrian area, thus you will not be able to pass through with a car after 11 am.

Most of the lines travel until around midnight, with the subway lines being an exception, for they travel around-the-clock for quite some time now. In addition, there is also the so called „Nightline“, which will take its passengers to most of the important bigger streets by bus. The two central junctions are the Karlsplatz and the Schwedenplatz.

A Ticket for 1 Zone (within Vienna) costs 1,80 Euro, if you get it in advance. Inside the vehicles, a ticket will cost 2,20 Euro. A 7-Day Ticket is 14 Euros, which will probably more interesting for tourists who are staying more than a few days. You will definitely have to get some tickets in advance, because ticket machines are not available at every station. If you get a standard 1-way ticket, you can travel from A to B (transfers included). If your trip gets interrupted by any means, you should get another ticket just in case.

Most of the holiday flats in Vienna are located in the 2nd district of Vienna, in close proximity to the Praterstern and the fair grounds in Vienna. The subway lines U1 and U2 are probably the most important lines to start getting into the city. It will take only about 10 minutes to get into the town center at the Stephansplatz.


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